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Our home has existed since 2002, from the ancient history of Club F4 to the 8 years of New Guernica’s residence as a stalwart in the Melbourne club scene. Our history includes long term weekly nights such as Thursday’s Dance Technique, plus rotating nights and events hosted by a variety of promoters on Fridays & Saturdays. We pride ourselves on our friendly staff, with owners committed to providing a safe, fun & inclusive party environment.

We have always strived to create a memorable experience to anyone who has ever come thru our doors and have welcomed a variety of Melbourne audiences in our commitment to building the ever-thriving Melbourne nightlife. All night sweaty benders within the confines of our intimate club environment have helped set the tone for Melbourne’s late night community.

NG has been a dedicated platform for many of Melbourne’s elite producers & finest DJs that have graced our battered up organ main room DJ console over the years. We are proud to have hosted the very best DJ’s, & producers at the top of their game with some of the most memorable nights Melbourne has seen.




Amé, Dixon, Derrick Carter, Jamie XX, Virginia, Apparat, Chet Faker, Greg Wilson, Andrew Weatherall, Superpitcher, Acid Pauli, Todd Terje, DJ Pierre, A Guy Called Gerald, Danny Krivit, Guy J, Catz N Dogz, DJ EZ, Stacey Pullen, DJ T, Damian Lazarus, Questlove, Delano Smith, Derrick May, Monoloc, Danny Daze, MANDY, Joakim, Johanna Knutsson, Chez Damier, Itch-e & Scratch-e, Miguel Migs, Keith Carnal, Warpaint, Tensnake, Pepe Bradock, Jay Sheheard, Kaiser Souzai, Ewan Pearson, Paul Woolford, Robert Babicz, Thomas Von Party, Alt-J, Chida, Nick Warren, Danny Howells.




Cut Copy DJs. Midnight Juggernauts. Otologic. Tornado Wallace. Francis Inferno Orchestra. Paramida. Kate Miller. Post Percy. Dreems. Cheapdate. Moopie. Simon TK. Paul Jager. Merve. Andee Frost. Jnett. Autosea. Shouse. Jennifer Loveless. DJ KITI. Chiara Kickdrum. Rachael MacRae. Elisabeth Dixon. Laika. Awesome Wales. Matthew Coventry. Baron Castle. Grant Camov. Jess Sneddon. Spin Club. Sezzo Snot. Enderie. Habits.  Mr. George. Mu-Gen. Andras Fox, Spacey Space, Sunshine, Adrian Bell, Tranter., Kato. 6am at the Garage, Merve, Wax Nomads. Day Dreams DJs. Dr. Condiments. Mike Gurerri. DJ HMC, Dylan Batelic. Alex Hand. President Press. Sunderland. Lou-is. TT SKTLS. Andy Hart. Miles Mac. Alex Cram. Kris & Dan Baha, CC:Disco. Friendships. Miles Brown. Jaala vs Man. Λ / Π, Lucy Cliché. Nite Fleit. Consoles. Gavin Campbell. Harold (Steeplejack) and Client Liaison just to short list a few.

We are honoured to have had the opportunity to push Melbourne music for almost a total of two decades and in doing so, have aspired to cement New Guernica as a cornerstone of Melbourne’s nightlife.




At New Guernica, we as a team place a huge importance in doing our bit to support and nurture local talent. We pride ourselves that some of Melbourne’s most respected DJs and artists have cut their teeth in our humble little Nightclub over the past 8 years or so.

Some starting their career at New Guernica, has led them to move overseas and cracking the international music and club scene. Others have started off at New Guernica and are now running some of the coolest parties in Melbourne while others are involved in some of Australia’s most respected festivals.

We wish to continue making our contribution to our beloved music and arts scene. We are constantly welcoming emerging artists to send us mixes and we encourage crews who wish to put on parties to contact us.






Famous Four Pty Ltd (‘the company’) actively manages and encourages diversity across its businesses.



The company acknowledges that patrons and staff are diverse, and respects and values their diversity. Diversity refers to the visible and invisible differences that exist between people such as race, culture, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex status. Diversity also refers to the differences in educational background, life and working experiences, socio-economic background, and geographical location.



In a social setting, diversity provides unique perspectives and stories.  In a work setting, diversity provides unique knowledge, experience, and characteristics.



The company promotes diversity by encouraging mutual learning, mutual respect and appreciation of differences in its workplace, public advertising, and businesses. Respect refers to treating people fairly, respectfully, and courteously, and ensuring their freedom from racial vilification, discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying.


The company actively fosters diverse work and social environments by employing staff from diverse backgrounds and welcoming patrons from diverse backgrounds.



If you have experienced a diversity issue in contravention of our diversity policy, please e-mail your complaint to and we will investigate and resolve the complaint.