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Saturday Night Clubs Melbourne


Every Saturday Night Clubs Melbourne @ New Guernica, we ‘Eat The Beat’!

Eat The Beat is Melbourne’s most loved weekly techno event, bringing you some of Melbourne’s best techno purveyors alongside the talented Eat The Beat crew of DJs.

Crowds flock to New Guernica every Saturday to take advantage of complimentary beer & bubbles on arrival for the first hour, from 10-11pm, setting the tone for an always fun and festive night.

Expect pounding house and techno, lasers and light shows over two rooms while revellers party till 5 AM every Saturday.  The always buzzing ‘Eat the Beat’ sounds are brought to you by resident DJs Matteo Freyrie, Matt Radovich, Mha Iri, Chriss Matto’ & Etwas while guests like Chiara Kickdrum, Gav Whitehouse and many more, join us regularly.

The Kitchen at Eat The Beat hosts regular rotating crew ‘takeovers’, including MGA Sound, Disco Volante, Cat House amongst others.

Keep up to date on our upcoming list of international techno acts via New Guernica.

Always cooking up top-shelf beats @ Eat The Beat, every Saturday!

Saturday Night Clubs Melbourne Specials 

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New Guernica’s Saturday Night Clubs Melbourne History


New Guernica has always acted as a loyal and committed supporter of the Melbourne club scene.

Every Night in our club is different. From Thursday’s Dance Technique to rotating Friday’s and Saturday’s events hosted by a different array of promoters, we take pride in our friendly staff and a guaranteed safe, fun party environment, ensured by involved owners.

To anyone coming through our doors, we ensure and strive to create memorable souvenirs. We are welcoming a wide variety of Melburnian public while committing to create an ever-thriving nightlife! Within the confines of our intimate Saturday night clubs Melbourne, we encourage all sweaty benders to help us set up the tone by designing the night-time community.

New Guernica has been a dedicated spot for all elite producers & finest DJs from Melbourne. They have graced our battered up organ main room DJ console for over 10 years. We are so proud to have welcomed the very best DJ’s, & top-level producers with some of the most memorable parties Melbourne will ever encounter.

For a total of two decades, we have pushed Melbourne music scene. We feel honoured to have has such opportunities. By being actively involved, we have aspired to cement our Saturday Night Clubs Melbourne as the main cornerstone of Melbourne’s nightlife and music events.

We are welcoming emerging artists and local DJs as we wish to keep contributing to the evolution of Melbourne music scene. We encourage anyone who wishes to put on parties to contact us and to send us mixes.

We are also open on Thursday’s and Friday’s. Look at our events!